New Delhi - October - December 1995

MALTI'S CRECHE, WHICH WAS ESTABLISHED ABOUT THREE years ago in Golekuan slum colony of Okhla Phase-I, is doing well and growing stronger. It may be mentioned here that the creche was initially funded by Deepalaya-which also got Malti trained in creceh management. Organized on the lines of social entrepreneurship, the creceh was started in a part of Malti's small house. Now, because of some income generated by the creche she has been able to add one more floor to the house and the entire ground floor is occupied by the creche while her family has shifted to the first floor. "Her creche has proved to be a boon for all the working women of our colony", says one of the Maliti's neighbours.

DEEPALAYA WINS AN INTERNATIONAL AWARD AT COSTA Rica and we have one more reason to work ceaselessly. The occasion was an international meet titled FORUM '95,hosted by International Forum for Child Welfare (IFCW), which is an international non governmental organisation.

IFCW is a global network involving itself in lobbying and policy intervention at world platforms like the United Nations. The IFCW membership consists of national child welfare organisations, international NGOs, inter governmental agencies and representatives of the media and academia.

This year the forum had the theme, "The Child as a Priority on the World Agenda: What will it take?" The Executive Institute had the theme, "The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as a Framework for Action: The Doctrine of Integral Protection". The Forum had participation from 37 different countries and was a mosaic of national nad international integration. There were work forums and plenary sessions which transacted various agendas covering the life of children, youth and women.

It was quite gratifying that Deepalaya's presence was felt through our literature which was displayed and the Deepalaya ad.film, which won a prize and commendation for its professional presentation.

DEEPALAYA PARTICIPATED IN THE RASHTRIYA SAKSHRATA SAMMELAN, organised by the Government of India on August 20, 1995 to mark the 51st birth anniversary of the former Prime Minister Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi. The objectives of the Sammelan were to spread the message of Universal Literacy and Universal Primary Education.

DEEPALAYA PLAYED AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN THE RECENTLY held 7th South Asian Fund Raising Workshop (6-9 September, 1995) as its Chief Executive and Secretary, Mr.T.K.Mathew, is also the Chairman of the South Asian Fund Raising Group.

All the workshop participants were treated to a cultural programme presented by children from Deepalaya School.

A CYCLE RALLY FOR TOTAL LITERACY WAS HELD ON JUNE 5 1995. More than 600 cyclists took part in the Rally organised by various community based committees affiliated to Deepalaya. This was inaugurated by Mr.Sahib Singh Verma, Education Minister, Government of National Campital Territory of Delhi, who was also an enthusiastic participant.

GOLEKUAN PROJECT ORGANISED THE NATIONAL NUTRITION week which was inaugurated by the Deepalaya Secretary and Chief Executive, Mr.T.K.Mathew, on September 1, 1995. the basic objective behind this programme was to generate awareness about nutrition and low cost but nutritious food. Besides the 55 active participants, who were associated with all the events of the Week, a large number of people took part in the lectures, demonstrations, exhibition, baby show, food and slogan competitions organized during the week. One year old Sudhana won the first prize in the baby show and Seema Sreevastava, Archana and Anima Bhattacharya won the first, second and third prizes respectively for coining some of the best slogans about nutrition and its importance.

A WORKSHOP ON THE OCNEPT OF COOPERATIVE SOCIETIES was conducted on August 23, 1995 for the Deepalaya staff, psecially its Development Associates, which could be organised due to the active support of the Delhi State Cooperative Union.

The objective of the workshop was to provide knowledge about the concept of cooperative societies, registration procedure, facilities from the government. etc.

TEACHERS DAY WAS CELEBRATED ON SEPTEMBER 5, 1995 with a lot of enthusiasm at Deepalaya School. It was an intersting and unusual sight as the students of class VIII volunteered to shoulder the entire responsibility of taking care of the junior classes. The day started with the morning prayers in the usual manner except for the remarkable difference that those posing as teachers in the asembly were in fact students. The prayer of the day, too, was specially selected by the children, which reads "Oh God, our heavenly father, as we start another day, please guide us and protect us. As we travel on our way, be with us as we work at school, be with us as we play, help us to do the best for now and eveyr day".

All the remaining routine activities of the day were conducted by the students of class-VIII, who are the seniormost students of Deepalaya School. "It was so surprising to see the children acting as teachers and in the process copying what their regular teachers do, "writes V.Lakshmi, a teacher of Deepalaya School.

NOW IS THE TIME FOR ABHINAYA AND THE DEEPALAYA family is busy preparing for Abhinaya '95 which is to be presented on November 26, 1995. This is the fourth consecutive annual presentation.

Abhinaya is almost an impossible dream, an attempt to bring students of the elite public schools and children from slums together on a common platform in a creative exercise for mutual sensitization. In endeavours to give expression to the talent and imagination of children living in the slums.

Talking about Abhinaya '94, The Asian Age said, "It was a wonderful evening, a trip down one's conscience. But was it an equally moving experience for the children or was it simply a break from the usual routine of school? I liked it a lot. I never thought that poor children can also be such fun', enthused one boy from Cambridge School. For the slum children also it was an enlightening experience. 'Mujhe Ye Sab Log Achche Lage, Main Samjhati Thi Yeh Ghamandi Honge Magar Yeh Hain Nahini',(I liked these people, I thought they would be arrogant but they are not), said one Deepalaya school girl!

WAY BACK IN 1987, A CUTE GIRL OF ABOUT 5 YEARS, named Mamta, was brought to Deepalaya School by her aprents, Ramprasad and Rita Devi, for admission. The smiling little girl became the centre of attraction for everyone in the school. She is presently in class VII. A good student, averaging abvoe 80% in all subjects, she has also become a talented and accomplished dancer. Presently, she is learning dance at Delhi Ballet Group under the guidance of eminent dancer Balmik Banerjee. She has given numerous public performances and won a large number of prizes. A regular participant in all Deepalaya programmes, she has an innate ability and taste for art and is presently attending drawing classes once a week. In between her busy schedule she also finds time to read. Her verstality in different fields is amazing and she should be a model for other students of a similar background. Friendly by nature and very popular with her class mates, her immediate desire is to make a mark in dancing and to become a doctor in future.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya