The Achievers 1 (Annual Report 2011)

The Achievers



9 year old Chanda enjoys school more than holidays

9 year old Chanda studying in grade 4 at Deepalaya School, Sanjay Colony is the second of the 4 children of Sanjay and. Sangeeta Chaudhry. Her father works in a factory and her mother is a homemaker.

Chanda joined the school at the beginner’s level at the age of 4. She always enjoyed coming to school and considered holidays boring; apart from being a diligent student (she stood second in the annual exam with a score of 87%), she is also good at drawing and painting and eagerly participates in all extra curricular activities. Chanda recorded an attendance of 226/227. According to her parents, “its difficult keeping her away from School

even if she is running fever. Ask Chanda why and this is what she has to say: “At school I get all the freedom and this helps me to learn a lot along with my friends. I specially enjoy the library and love reading the stories of Birbal”. At home Chanda helps her mother in household chores, teaches her younger sister who is in Grade I and also takes care of her three year old brother. She wants to become a teacher.
Chanda’s father says, “I send my daughters to Deepalaya because it’s very close to our house and the poor are given a lot of respect at Deepalaya as there is no discrimination of gender and status. All children are taught with love and care. I feel in such an environment my children will flourish and achieve their goals”.


Naresh Chunara, a Deepalaya alumnus was selected for a year's study in the USA under U.S. Community College Initiative Program 2011

Naresh Chunara, a Deepalaya alumnus was selected for a year’s study in the USA under the U.S. Community College Initiative Program 2011. Naresh a school drop-out earlier had never imagined that he will reach this far.
Naresh joined Deepalaya in 2001 when due to financial difficulties forced his family to return to Nainital. He stayed on with his uncle, as he believed Delhi was where his future could be shaped. The fee at Deepalaya was affordable. He completed his secondary school through Open Schools with 59%. During his schooling Naresh supported himself by taking up odd

jobs at McDonald’s etc. He further enrolled at Deepalaya’s Remedial Education Centers which provided further guidance during the senior secondary education.
After completing School, Naresh worked in retail sales with the best brands-Samsung India, Blackberry etc. He has simultaneously enrolled for graduation (through correspondence) from Delhi University. In the CCID Program he enrolled to study Retail sales at Minnesota, USA.
He now remembers Deepalaya as a turning point in his life as it provided him the opportunity to achieve the unachievable.




The Non-Formal Education model of Deepalaya bridges the gap in education when children have either never been to school or have dropped out. It also addresses the need of children who are studying in government schools, but need additional support at school. Through various models-the Education on Wheels, Gender Resource Center and the Deepalaya Extended Education Program, Deepalaya has reached over 1400 children through the various non formal methods.

Besides conducting classes, the teachers have visited the families to keep them animated with the education of their children. During the year, the staff conducted more than 575 parents meetings to discuss the progress of their ward. At the EOW Project direct fallout of these community visits was that the team was able to mainstream 107 students who had dropped out of school and otherwise were not enrolled in the NFE Program. In order to promote regularity in the REC’s, a Computer Training center was established where family members of NFE students as well were mainstreamed and over 300 children were admitted in government and MCD schools.

Linkages have been developed with many other NGOs working in the vicinity of Deepalaya. These linkages have been developed for networking purposes and various activities were taken up such as conducting computer examinations, OBE examinations, awareness programmes etc. Some of the NGOs which have helped the project are Child Survival of India, Prayas, Nature, Yuva, Pratham, Dare & Care, Sahas, Samverdna, Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Jan Utthan, Aawaas Society, and Butterflies.

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