The Achievers 2 (Annual Report 2011)

The Achievers cont.

Education is what I crave for

Pushpa's dream of education was fulfilled when she was identified by a teacher of Deepalaya's EoW project and enrolled in NFE class

Children of EoW project having their picnicThirteen year old Pushpa, a resident of Bhadola had never been to school due to financial problems. Her father is a vegetable seller and mother is a housewife. With limited means and five children to feed, her parents could not afford the educational expenses of their children.

Pushpa’s dream of education was fulfilled when she was identified by a teacher of Deepalaya’s EoW project and was enrolled in NFE class.
Her determination and enthusiasm to learn new things helped her to understand and grasp various subjects.

She has successfully passed 3rd and 5th class under the OBE system and has now been enrolled in Class 8th. She is very thankful to Deepalaya for reaching out to her in time of need.


Fathers and their daughters together working on an artworkThe Father and Daughter Alliance (FADA) program was initiated in 2009 to promote girl child with the involvement of their fathers. Since 2010 Sep, the program is sponsored by US Duvall Foundation (USA). Nov 2010 saw American Express joining hands with this unique approach to Girl Child Education by sponsoring 50 girls for non formal education and 20 for REC.

Under the program, regular classes are held for girls based on the syllabus developed by Deepalaya for subjects like, English, Hindi, Maths, and Social Studies. Co-curricular activities like Art and Craft, Music, Dance and others are also conducted.

The Program closely involves fathers and keeps them animated to involve themselves in the education and overall development of their wards. Regular monthly meetings are held and the fathers together with their daughters are involved in activities like - making Friendship Bands, Colored Candles, Decorative items, etc.

Shaping a Bright future

Anu a talented a girl of Sanjay ColonySix year old Anu lives in Sanjay Colony with her parents and three siblings. Her father is a daily wage labourer and mother is a housewife. Due to limited income, her father could not afford the school expenses for Anu. Anu was identified in a survey conducted by Deepalaya worker under the FADA project and was enrolled in NFE classes.

Anu’s talents were recognized in the school as she was seen taking part in all activities. She attended school regularly and was a keen learner. Owing to her abilities, she was soon admitted to MCD School, Sanjay Colony. Anu’s aspires to become a teacher.

Her father is also proud of her and is thankful to Deepalaya for recognizing her talents and helping her carve a bright future for herself. Her father-Markande adds, “Thanks to Deepalaya, Anu is now attending a regular school. All the stationary and books are given by the school. I am very happy for her and help her in which ever way possible.”

A Great Dancer, learner, achiever….

Sanjana from Father and Daughter Alliance a talented a girl who was an non-starter earlierSanjana was a non-starter when she joined Deepalaya in January ’2010. She was living with her brother, father and grandparents.

In her mother’s absence, there was no one to care for Sanjana. She was identified by a Deepalaya social worker. Since joining Deepalaya, she has been a great observer and an achiever. She takes a keen interest in both academic as well as non-academic activities. Her learning skills have been outstanding and she has shown commendable results in maths, English and Hindi. Her regularity has increased as has her discipline and confidence. The teachers at Deepalaya have observed amazing confidence in her during workshops, competitions and other functions.

Her father Mr. Jitu is a head loader and takes keen interest in her education. Sanjana aspires to be a doctor so as to earn in plenty and make her grandparents proud.


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