Admission drive for our learning centers

Admission drive is conducted by children and staff of Deepalay learning centers in North Delhi. Admission process in formal schools is a very complex affair. One advertisement in a newspaper with wide circulation and a notice with the tagline “Admission Open” is enough for these schools to start the admission process. Whereas for Non formal education centers, often teachers have to conduct door-to-door surveys in search of out of school children and conduct admission rallies for creating awareness, identifying and enrolling children.

One such drive was conducted by Deepalaya learning centers located at Adarsh Nagar, Wazirpur, Bhalaswa and Haiderpur for two consecutive days on 30th March and 31st March, 2016. On day one, students and The brave students of Deepalaya learning centers raising awareness for education in their community.teachers from Bhalaswa and Wazirpur took on the streets with banners and posters conveying messages like “Agar honge hum shikshit, tabhi karenge hum samaj shikshit” (If we get educated only then can we educate the society) and “hum bacche bharat ki shaan, do mujhe meri pehchan (We, the children, glorify India, give us our identity)”. Later in the day, the teachers conducted door-to-door visits to identify out of school children and to motivate parents to send their children to Deepalaya Learning centers.

The parents asked many questions which were adequately answered by the teachers and staff of the centers. They explained the parents about the concept of Non Formal Education and Remedial Education classes. On day 2, the staff conducted similar rally and door-to-door visits in areas surrounding Bhalaswa and Haiderpur. Learning centers of North Delhi did awareness drive and rallies for the importance of education in every child's life.Though, the admission process continues for around two months, the rally creates awareness amongst those who still believe in keeping their children indoors and depriving them their right to education.

Every year this rally is conducted at the beginning of new academic year. It helps in motivating parents for enrolling their children at our centers. The students who participated in the rally were given refreshments towards the end.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya