Adopting a Positive Mantra!

Can you imagine a day out of the luxuries of your comfortable home, living on the street- without any shelter? Thousands of children are living on the streets in need of shelter, care and a dignified life. Under the Institutional Care program, located at village Gusbethi, Haryana (60 km from the Capital). Deepalaya seeks to give these children an opportunity to make their life better by helping them walk the path of security, care and education. Besides education, the organization tries to help in personality development and positive thinking. Towards this direction, the 110 children currently residing at Deepalaya Gram. Last week the children got an opportunity to attend a four day Art of Living session at their hostel in Deepalaya Gram, Gusbethi. “During the sessions, I felt that I was into a different world. It has really helped me in increasing my concentration power,” commented Ravi, a class Xth student. Hemant, another student commented, “I really enjoyed the sessions and took part in all their games. The stories told by the trainers was the best part of the session.” Teachers were amazed to see the enthusiasm and positive changes in the students. “This course really brought a transformation in children in terms of their respect for the caregiver, as the trainers gave them five good things to do, so children started doing activities like helping the younger ones, helping the teachers after the class etc. The best thing which we noticed after the sessions was that they were smiling all the time,” shared Smita, Counselor at the Project. The sessions indeed helped the children coming from the deprived and vulnerable background to think about themselves and their future in an optimistic way. They were taught to give their 100% in whatever they do in life. They were taught different yoga asanas like Bhastrika, Surya Namaskar and honey meditation. Besides this, the children were also taught an effective technique of reducing fear by a breathing exercise. This was especially for the ones who had stage phobia. Feedback from Mr. Hunar Mehra, one of the organizers. “We had a great experience at your facility interacting with the children and the children responded well to the programme”. Team Deepalaya feels fortunate to be associated with the Art of Living foundation, and the fact that they have come forward to help the underprivileged children in motivating them towards the positive aspect of life. Why don’t you take a similar step and help many more needy and deserving? Contact us on By- Pooja Sikka, Officer Communications



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya