And the Support Continues …


We shared the story of little Master Siddhant Dhawan Suri in July 2010(A Drop in the Bucket!).While Siddhant’s  gesture served to motivate many more he continued his unabated effort as raising support for Deepalaya kids. In September 2010 he sent back 10,000 Rs.  to support  Umang residing at Deeepalaya’s Institutional Care program at Gusbethi .This month Siddhant was back in town for a short holiday and no doubt that he got in touch with Deepalaya very soon on landing here, Lo behold, yet another 4000 was added to Deeepalaya’s kitty. Siddhant organized a Bake sale at his residence at the Al Noor Residencies, Muscat .Very excited he recalled that, “I baked cakes and cookies with my mother’s help and organized the sale inviting our entire neighbourhood to participate and buy. I shared with them the

Siddhantstory of Deepalaya and encouraged all the participants to join in the effort to give the children in slums a better life”. The grade VI student of the IndianSchool in Muscat continues to encourage us all at Deepalaya. Thank you Siddhant, thank you to all his family members for instilling sound values in the boy and thanks to Al Noor Residency members for joining hands.






Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya