Baby on Board!!!!!!

Deepalaya’s Chameli Dewan Integrated Rural Health Centre has brought in yet another ray of hope to the residents of the villages around Deepalaya Gram at village Gusbethi (Mewat district in Haryana). 


The 7th of Oct saw the birth of a baby girl at the Dispensary where gynae and obstetrics services have been recently inaugurated. The 2.7kg baby girl born to Asmina and Salim Khan of village Patuka is their first child and also the first for Deepalaya. “I am very happy at becoming a father and also thankful to Deepalaya for this safe delivery”, said Salim, the proud father.

The couple- Salim and Asmina had to fight family pressure to  come in for a hospital delivery. Asmina was keeping poor health during the pregnancy but the elders in the family were not convinced of the need to go to a doctor. But Salim was sure that he wanted his wife to go through a safe delivery process. The Deepalaya Centre being nearby it was easy for Salim to take the decision to register her for ante natal check up. 

The staff at the health centre is very elated and is still celebrating the milestone achieved. “I cannot express the happiness and excitement joyous feeling when I first took the baby in my arms. The feeling was simply out of this world,” said Ruby, a nurse at the health centre.

Salim now proposes to convince his fellow villagemen of the importance of registering pregnant women for ante natal check up and also motivate them for a safer delivery in the hospital.

Our blessings to the new born……..whose arrival  too seems to announce to the world that Deepalaya is INDEED POSITIVELY DISCRININATED TO THE GIRL CHILD!!




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya