Back to the Roots



Deepalaya has an active association of the Alumni members, formed to aid   the students in their future endeavors. Grown out of the Alumni’s desire to learn more about the roots which gave them best possible chance to thrive and transformed their lives for better, a exposure visit was made on 27th of February to the Institutional Care project of Deepalaya.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life of Delhi is Deepalaya Gram in Gusbethi Haryana– home to over 100 students from difficult background leading a sheltered life with food, education, training under familial care- on their way to become self reliant and dignified members of society.

The vast expanse of green wheat fields as they stretched for miles and miles was a thrilling experience for the Alumni. The ‘I Care’ teams gave a warm welcome to them.         


In an attempt to understand each other the alumni had an interactive session with the students, where they introduced themselves and joined their voices to sing “We Shall Overcome”, and many other songs.

P1010009The cricket match proved to be the most exciting part of the picnic. “Though we lost the match to our juniors we never felt bad because the spirit of sportsmanship is so well imbibed in them  and I feel proud of their talent as they are  a tremendous competition”, P1010007said Rahul the captain of the Alumni team who has completed his Hotel Management course.

The beautiful cards presented by the hostel students touched hearts of their Alumni friends. “We never knew that our Deepalaya is reaching out to so many needy people and is dedicated towards their upliftment”. The walk around the campus, the visits to the clinic and the school was an eye opener to us”, said Ravi, who almost completed his animation course from Picasso.

The exposure visit was an emotionally fulfilling experience for the alumni and they pledged to reciprocate as they owe a lot to Deepalaya. 





Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya