Better teachers for a brighter future

A teachers training was organized for imparting knowledge.Recently the Education Department, Haryana gave permission for addition of classes for higher studies. Even though, the application for recognition till classes 10th and 12th is yet to be moved, the school is gearing up for fulfilling the statutory requirements and compliances.  In view of this, during the month of June, 2016, assessment of 24 teachers working with Deepalaya School, Gusbethi was done on three parameters – Authenticity of educational testimonials, demonstration in classroom and personal interview. External members were also invited to have an unbiased opinion. Out of the 24 teachers, only 8 were found to be eligible to continue with the school as per guidelines of Education department. 13 were put on Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)Teachers doing an exercise given by trainer during the traninig. based on the demonstration. These teachers were retained with an assurance that they shall be given inputs and helped with Instructor Led Learning intervention to improve their performance to the required level.

In view of this, a teachers-training programme was organized on 8th October, 2016 with an aim of imparting knowledge about correct teaching methodology, making them aware of child centric approach in class, teaching them about techniques for high learning retention and also to help them in managing a class effectively and efficiently for students’ superlative academic performance.

Teachers getting trained and learning new skills in teaching.A detailed survey with a few reputed organizations like Teach for India, Pratham, Edulever, UNHMesh etc. was conducted to find a cost-effective agency while retaining the quality of training intervention. Considering our experience earlier and on recommendation of Ms. Shikha Pal, we agreed to partner with with UNHMesh.

The training was based on different techniques like classroom sessions, role plays, group discussions, experience sharing and individual and group presentations. Before conducting the sessions, it was decided to have a detailed training need assessment on 3rd and 4th October, 2016. Ms. Shukti Pala and Ms. Kiran Saluja from UNHMesh alongwith HR head Ms. Anu Awasthi prepared a detailed questionnaire to ascertain whether the teachers have adequate knowledge of various stages of child development, or do they have readiness to prepare themselves for meeting the requirements of a child at the next stage, how effective the teachers are in respect of classroom management and do they even understandTeachers getting trained with new skills and techniques. why lessons and effective communication are important for bringing better results.

After this, training session took place on 8th October, 2016 which was attended by only 10 teachers out of thirteen.  Two participants were on maternity leave and one did not turn up.  Mr. Indrajit, the school headmaster also attended the program.

Participants were engaged very effectively and enjoyed the learning experience with zeal and enthusiasm.  A Learning Evaluation will be done on Kirkpatrick Model of evaluation after 15 days and subsequent to 2 months to assess whether the teachers have adopted the new techniques in their teaching methodology.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya