Breaking the myth…

Cancer is not a fatal disease if detected at its inceptive stage. To further this objective an awareness camp was held for the residents of Sanjay Colony in Okhla. Dr. Rakesh Thakur from All India institute Of Medical Science broke the myth of considering cancer terminal.       
Dr Thakur explained to the gathering of around 50 people about types of cancers, causes and symptoms. He emphasized on four most commonly found cancer in India and suggested that these cancer can easily be prevented. He discussed about symptoms and causes of four different types of cancers namely – Mouth cancer, Lung cancer, Breast cancer and cancer of Cervix.

He further elaborated that the most commonly found cancer in men are Lung cancer and Mouth cancer mostly due to smoking and chewing tobacco.


Amongst women, breast cancer and cancer of cervix  is the most common cancer in Delhi and  large number of women die every year due to its ignorance. He educated women about identifying symptoms of Breast cancer and incase they find any abnormal growth they should consult the doctor right away.
Dr Thakur also explained about  cancer of cervix which is caused due to HPV (human papillomavirus). He recommended PAP smear test which is conducted in most of the government and health centers and also in health check up camps free of cost and is the most easy way to predict the possibility of cancer in women. He advised that women above the age of 30 should definitely go for the test.

The awareness sessions were aimed at changing the mindset of the community with regards the disease and imparting knowledge. The community was keen to know the symptoms and were actively participating through questions. Cancer as is commonly known is one of the most fatal, but the fact is that it is within our hands to control the disease and there are ways to identify and possibly stop it at an early stage.

We just need to know the right things and do the right things. Our health is in our hands……



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