Brett Lee and Deepalaya – Setting the pace for a brighter future.

It’s no secret that we can do some truly wonderful things if we believe in ourselves and in our cause. So when two experienced and renowned NGOs come together to impart education to under-privileged children, magic is bound to happen.

Brett Lee and Deepalaya – Setting the pace for a brighter future.

The Brett Lee founded ‘Mewsic India Foundation’ is an organisation that is dedicated to healing, educating and empowering the uneducated children in India through the power of music. To launch its Delhi operations, the NGO was looking for a partner that not only had experience in providing education, but also had ground-level knowledge about the urban slums of Delhi. So when they found out that Deepalaya was already running an Education on Wheels project, it was a match made in heaven.

Brett Lee and Deepalaya – Setting the pace for a brighter future.

After many trial runs, the Mewsic and Education Bus was officially inaugurated on 9th October 2013 at the Australian High Commission. The event began with Emily Harrison, the CEO of Mewsic India Foundation welcoming the attendees. This was followed by short speeches by the Australian High Commissioner, Mr. Patrick Suckling and the president of Deepalaya, Mr. A.J. Philip.

A magnificent performance by the Deepalaya choir group was the perfect way to mark the interval and introduce Brett Lee to the stage. The pace bowler interacted with the children and staff of Deepalaya and honoured them my presenting them with his token of appreciation.

Brett Lee spoke about his passion for music and how after retiring from international cricket he wanted to do more than just opening a cricket academy, he wanted toBrett Lee and Deepalaya – Setting the pace for a brighter future. make a difference in the world. When a member of the media asked him about what kept him going during his many injuries, he told them how he was inspired by the resilience and fortitude of the under-privileged and how their willingness to take on life’s challenges gave him the courage to bounce back from each operation.


The highlight of the event however, was not the speeches by notable dignitaries or the various photo shoots, but the one-on-one interaction that Brett Lee had with the students of Deepalaya. Excited faces greeted him as he boarded the Mewsic bus and conducted an impromptu music lesson with the kids. He ended the day by giving bowling advice to an aspiring cricketer.




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya