The budding artists of Deepalaya

Creativity can come from anywhere and in any form. It can manifest in the richest industrialist or in the poorest beggar; moreover, it can be expressed through music, dance or on a piece of paper.

Our Education on Wheels project is one such programme that facilitates creativity.

The Education on Wheels programme from Deepalaya brings primary education to slum children in North-West DelhiEOW a unique initiative by Deepalaya that seeks to provide primary education to those underprivileged out-of-school children who don’t have access to schools. We’ve equipped a bus with all the teaching tools (computer, TV, Radio, Blackboard and library) that are necessary to conduct an interactive class. This bus visits the slum areas of Adarshnagar, Wazirpur, Haiderpur and Bhalaswa in North-West Delhi and imparts basic arithmetic and language skills to the children.

In order to make sure that we create an engaging environment for these children, we use music, art and games as a way to interact with the students. Moreover, students are also encouraged to develop their artistic abilities.

One such student – Baby Preeti has gone a step further by participating and winning a cash prize of Rs. 3,000 at an art competition organized by HUDCO.

Baby Preeti, an underprivileged girl child from Deepalaya accepts a cash prize for her exceptional art skills.A class V student with one sister, Preeti was found in the slums of North-West Delhi by our community workers. Through counselling sessions, we were able to convince her parents to enroll their daughter in the EOW programme. Preeti studied with the programme for four years and through immense dedication, was able to cover the ground and catch up to her peers, ultimately getting mainstreamed in in class V.

We hope that this victory is the first of many that will allow Preeti to overcome her financial and societal limitations and, one day, become a proud and productive member of her community.




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya