The burgeoning athletes of Deepalaya School, Kalkaji Extension

The Sports Day at Deepalaya School Kalkaji Extension was held on 7th February in the school grounds. Girls from the middle classes of Deepalaya School Kalkaji Extension hold up their medals for the cameraHundreds of enthusiastic children, dressed in their house uniforms, made their way down to the fields and sat in their respective house sections while the teachers and the Deepalaya board members looked on with pride.

In the midst of all this cacophony stood four young men, each holding up the flag of his house. These house captains kicked off the day’s events by taking an oath to participate in all the upcoming competitions with true sportsman spirit.

The first ones on the field were the students of the Karate class. The students along with their sensei conducted a brilliant drill that showed off not only their athletic forte, but also their fighting skills. The A Karate demonstration by DSKE students where the girl shows off her skilldrill was followed by a small army of tiny-tots participating in races that were specifically designed to combine fun with exercise. Students from classes LKG and UKG ran as fast as they could for a prize that they coveted above all else, a delicious and chocolaty toffee.

While the younger classes held their races, a different competition was taking place near the basketball grounds. A 6-foot long dirt trench had been dug up and was being used by the seniors to compete in the long jump competition. Student after student took their run-up and attempted to leap across the trench with all their might, only to fall short by a couple of feet. It was only when an senior student with a Delhi-jersey stepped up that silence fell on the ground. He took his run-up and when he finally made the jump, the gathered students held A senior student of Deepalaya NGO competing in the long jump event.their breath and watched him fly. The crowd erupted in cheers the second his feet touched the dirt. But when the senior looked back to see his progress, there was elation, yes, but mixed with disappointment. He had beaten everyone else, but hadn’t crossed the 6-feet mark.

With the senior students now participating in the races, the competition was kicked up another notch. The crowd of students in the sitting area could barely be contained as they jumped and cheered for their houses. Almost as if fueled by this never-ending support, the young athletes of Deepalaya ran like never before. Boys and girls, both completed races that would have left grown men kneeling in the ground, gasping for air. 300, 500 and even 800 Participants call for the baton during the relay race at Deepalaya School Kalkaji Extensionmeter races were no match for the speed and stamina of the motivated Deepalayans.

The biggest draw for the crowd however, was not the different races, but the final event – The tug of war. The different houses, even the teachers faced off against each other and tried their best to get the other team to lose. The proceedings were wrapped up with the Amartaya Sen house winning the Sports Day with 127 points. Among the juniors, Rahul from class VII and Ria from class VI were given the title of ‘Best Athlete’. Among the seniors, this honour went to Shiv from class IX, RInki from class X and Himani from class IX.



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