Camps for a healthy life

A doctor is examining children from Ramditti learning centreTwo health camps were conducted at two of our learning centers -- J R Narang Ramditti Learning center and our Learning center at Gole Kuan on 3rd May, 2016 and 5th May, 2016 respectively. The camps were organized with the help of Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital. Earlier, the camps, were conducted through Saket City Hospital. The hospital has been taken over by the Max group. The relationship has still continued with a renewed commitment from the Max group.

Children getting checked up for any treatment they needed. 5 people from the hospital arrived on the locations with their equipment for monitoring weight, height and conducting other tests. Around 185 students at Ramditti learning center and 250 students from GoleKuan were thoroughly checked. Almost all students were given medicines for deworming. And those who suffered from calcium & iron deficiency, were given supplements. Multivitamin capsules, bicosil etc. were also given depending upon the ailments of children. Some of the parents too came at the camp site for A doctor is prescribing medicines to children.taking advice from the doctors.

At Gole Kuan, as the camp was organized at a location accessible by public, people from the community also came for check-up. The doctors checked each patient very patiently and promised to conduct another camp, especially for the community shortly. Students and parents were very happy to receive the services free of cost.




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