Celebrating 64 years of Independence

The bright morning of 15 August got brighter as the students of Deepalaya Gram, Gusbethi, geared up to celebrate the day with students of Management Development Institute (MDI). With lots of energy, excitement and enthusiasm all around, the students welcomed the guests in a traditional way.

The Highlight of the day was a Patriotic group song competition and a dance performance by the students. The performances were enjoyed by all.

After spending some time at the School, the guests and the students continued with their celebrations at the Hostel. While the younger ones enjoyed watching the animated movie- ‘Kung fu Panda’, the older ones attended a session on “importance of confidence in our daily life”.

The celebrations came to an end with the students presenting a thank you card to the guests and getting chocolates, sweets and a desktop computer in return.
Deepalaya Gram is home to 110 children who have been rescued from varying vulnerable conditions from socio economically marginalized sections of society. At Deepalaya, the children receive the nurturance and protection of a loving family, facilities for education, health care and skill development-leading to a secure, dignified and self reliant future.

The Deepalaya Gram Campus houses a school (which also caters to the children from nearby villages of Mewat), a health dispensary, and Boys and Girls hostel.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya