Celebrating Children’s Day at Deepalaya.

The teachers of Deepalaya School Sanjay Colony sing a group song for their underprivileged students to celebrate Children’s Day.It is often said that children are the future of the nation. After all, they hold within themselves the potential to shape the future and change the present. 14th November is a day in India when the entire nation takes a break from the rat race to celebrate these catalysts of change. We celebrate 14th November as the Children’s Day.

At Deepalaya, this day has even more meaning because our sole reason for existence is to educate and emancipate underprivileged children from poverty and illiteracy. That is why, on this Children’s Day, we decided to give our students a break from The Headmistress of the school addressing the boy and girl students of Deepalaya on Children’s Day. These children belong to local slum communities.the daily assignments and classrooms and do something amazing for them.

All the teachers of Deepalaya School Sanjay Colony decided to honour the children and their commitment to education by preparing and enacting wonderful song and dance performances, all dedicated to their students, who were overjoyed to witness another side to their teachers – One that is bubbly and childlike, rather than a harsh taskmaster. A drawing competition for the children was also organized with the theme of ‘Clean India’.

Although Children’s Day ended on 14h, the celebrations for the same didn’t. On 15th November, Amway took the slum children studying at Deepalaya to a tour of the Delhi zoo on Children’s Day.a delegation from Amway took 50 students from Deepalaya to the Delhi Zoo. The ever exuberant children were even more delighted and kept jumping from one enclosure to another. While the younger students enjoyed a nice trolley ride, the older and more responsible ones took the time transformed this outing into a learning experience by taking notes, which they shared during the Monday morning assembly.

There was feeling of excitement and curiosity on their The students from Deepalaya School in Okhla, Delhi took photos and collected notes during their visit to the Delhi Zoo, they loved the rhinos especially. faces as they moved about from one enclosure to another. The very little ones also had a trolley ride which took them from one location to another.  Some of the older children were seen making notes on what they found interesting. These were shared with the others in the morning assembly on Monday morning.

The day had yet other surprises, as they left.

They were given yummy pizza, chocolate cake and loads of gifts. It was indeed the best Children’s day gift to the children.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya