Celebrating Womanhood, this Women’s day

“When you empower a women, you empower an economy and a nation”, said Cherie Blair, wife of former Deepalaya SHG staff of Uttarakhand organised a program on Womens DayBritish Prime Minister Tony Blair. And rightly so, as she devotes 90 per cent of her time and resources into her family which has a ripple effect on the community and society at large.

However, in a country like India, women are suppressed, discouraged and harassed in all corners, be it office, home or any place. it’s time to focus on rights, rights which the men and women must equally enjoy, which the women must not only emphasize but claim them to be their own.

It was with this spirit our SHG group members at Deepalaya SHG members of Uttarakhand watching a drama on emphasizing the role of women in eradicating these social evils.Uttrakhand celebrated this women’s day. They organized nukad natak, katha patti, sang various songs and gave dance performances to make people aware of various socials evils, be it drug addiction, female feticide, child rights, child marriage, domestic violence or even cleanliness.

Not only this, the programme emphasized the role of women in eradicating these social evils. Around 400 members participated in the programme which highlighted on a less-celebrated aspect of womanhood – a role woman has been playing for ages but has always been overlooked and taken for granted. Mrs. Kaushalya Devi, village pradhan and Mrs. Heera Devi, Sarpanch along with Mr. D K Goswami, Branch Manager Gramin Bank made 3.	SHG members of Someshwar, Uttarakhand discussing social issues that they are facing and resolving this issues by forming a committee of women.people aware of various schemes announced by the government for Women.  They also laid special emphasis on girl child education.

Women were told about various options they had if they face domestic violence, police helpline numbers and other organizations they can approach for help in such circumstances.

By the end of the programme, some of the members agreed to form a committee of women workers for finding solutions to societal problems affecting them. They emerged as a united force to take the challenges head on. This is what they have learnt from Deepalaya, a lesson they will never forget.

News about Deepalaya published in Amar Ujala on 9th March in Nainital-Almora region  newspaper of Uttarakhand



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