Childrens’ Day Celebration

Chacha Nehru had a special place for children in his life. He often used to compare children with rose buds. “They should be carefully and lovingly nurtured”, he said, “as they are the future of our nation”. As a tribute to this great man, his birthday is celebrated all over India as Children’s day'. The day was celebrated at all locations with a lot of fun, where both children and teachers sang songs, played games and remembers Chacha Nehru. Here are a few glimpses:

Childrens Day celebration at Deepalaya learning centre sanjay colony.

Deepalaya Learning Center, Sanjay Colony: Children’s Day was celebrated in Sanjay Colony Learning Centre on the 14th of November. The teachers and students put up a beautiful cultural program during the special assembly. The day also marked the birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak’s birthday. The students of classes I, II, III, VI and IX spoke both about Children’s Day and Guru Purab. Teachers sang songs pertaining to children- bache man ke sacche etc. Students of LKG danced to the tune of Lakdi ka ghore and songs from Tare Zameen pay. The boys of the coaching classes put up a wonderful play on ‘Pollution’ on the model of a street play, with strong message. The senior girls of the tuition classes danced to the song ‘Jai Ganesha” and also sang song on the importance of girl children.

The day was also marked by visit of Ms. Jokn Bendett through World Wide Adventure- travel group. She came from Canada and gifted the school with two books by Alexander McCall Smith, and some file papers. She took a tour of the campus and also saw the program planned out for Children’s Day. It was a great experience for her. She wrote in the visitor’s book, - “Very impressive, and staff full of enthusiasm- Lovely experience”. Worldwide Adventure brought 120 ladoos for the children for Children’s Day.

Children's Day celebration at Deepalaya Learning Centre Gole Kuan.

Deepalaya learning Center, Gole Kuan: Children and staff of Gole Kuan Learning Centre celebrated Children’s Day with a lot of gaiety. Students delivered speeches on the life of Nehruji, his struggle, his contributions towards our Nation & how he helped India to become independent. They showed respect to him & paid tribute by reciting poems, and reading aloud his famous slogans. Different colorful charts were prepared and flannel boards were decorated.  Small children sang –“Nanha Munna Rahi Huin.” Senior students presented 3 songs-“Aa chalke tujhe” etc. To make the day meaningful & memorable teachers recited poems, presented songs & dance. This year it was a special day for Gole Kuan students & staff as they all enjoyed the goody packet of refreshments arranged by Mentor Graphics



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya