Creativity at its peak

The dull yellow walls of the hall of Deepalaya Special Unit got a new lease of life thanks to the UK based Bobath Group.

The volunteers from the group visited the special unit and decided to give a gift to the students which they will cherish for a long time. Looking at the dull yellow walls of the Hall, the group decided for a makeover.

The task began with the volunteers along with the staff and students of Special Unit painting the walls including doors and roof into several vibrant colours and then making drawings and imprinting of the hands of all of them. “The whole activity was splendid. We all enjoyed a lot” said Sangeeta Kardam- Occupational Therapist and Senior Officer Programme at Special Unit.

The group also voluntarily sponsored the electrical fittings required in the Unit.

The group also spent quality time with the students and also gave them gifts and sweets. “I was amazed to see how quickly the students picked up the magic tricks,” said Allen, a volunteer who taught several magic tricks to the students.

The volunteers also visited the homes of the beneficiary students and interacted with the parents and students. “The volunteers were so friendly and had snacks with us. It’s because of my son that we are able to meet such friendly and kind-hearted people”, said Shanti Swaroop, a parent.

Bobath group is a UK based group associated with supporting children and Adult with Cerebral Palsy.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya