Dare to sing the song in your heart!

“Nothing can stop you from playing your part; As long as you dare to believe; too many people hold themselves back when they should be reaching out” A group of Deepalaya students attending the English Access Micro- Scholarship program sponsored by the American Embassy sung this song during the talent show at Deepalaya School, Kalkaji Extension last month with brimming zeal and enthusiasm which touched many hearts. The song became even more powerful when the music teacher joined the students on the stage. The day had the children showcasing their latent talents. It was a completely different experience for Anil Singh, a father who after witnessing his son’s dance performance with full confidence said, “I am proud of my son and till date I wasn’t aware that he had this talent in him.” The songs and the dances had a tinge of unity in diversity present in the school, with the students coming from across India. “Hum Bengali… hum Punjabi… gujrati…madrasi…lekin sabse pehle hum bharatwasi” was the song that a group of tiny-tots echoed. Not just colorful dance performances, melodious songs, informative and entertaining skits, but there was also a presentation of the art and crafts outside the School’s auditorium made by the students during the summer camp. “It was indeed a learning cum enjoyable experience during the summer camp,” said one of the students at the program. Addressing the parents on the D-day and talking about the importance of latent talent, Rtn T.K. Mathew said “the children have tried their level best today to bring out their latent talents. We believe in identifying the hidden talent among the children and bringing it out.” He said that, “it is not necessary that every child would be good in studies, rather he or she can be an excellent dancer or a singer or a good sports person; the idea is to identify his or her strength and bringing it out. Looking at the presentations I hope every parent is proud of their child today.” The principal, Ms. Anita Sawhney added that, “the children are the future of the country and we need the support of their parents to bring out their overall development. The parents should help the child to devise time between their studies and extra- curricular.” In spite of the scorching heat, there was a glimpse of happiness and satisfaction on the faces of the parents who had taken out time to witness and encourage their child. Send feedback to pooja@deepalaya.org By-Pooja Sikka, Officer- Communications



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