Deepalaya’s choir enthralls audience

How do you know when a school is gearing up for something spectacular?200+ underprivileged children from all Deepalaya schools during the annual choral event

Simple, if the children are actually excited about staying in school after 2p.m.

On 15th February, an otherwise calm Saturday evening at Deepalaya School Kalkaji Extension was abuzz with activity as the students geared up for the annual Deepalaya Choral performance. This event is the only time when the entire staff, student body and individual donors from across all Deepalaya projects come together for a single purpose – to be united through music. The theme for this year’s performance was Nelson: Love and Harmony. 

The evening started with a differently-abled student from Gusbethi taking stage, the student spoke about his life-long battle with Polio and how a good education has now given the confidence to take on the world. He ended his performance on a high note with a soul-touching gazal. The Chief Guest - Dr. G.N. Qazi from Jamia Hamdard University delivers his speechThe performance was followed by the lamp lighting ceremony, which was conducted by the Chief Guest Dr. G.N Qazi, Vice Chancellor, Jamia Hamard University. A beautiful recitation of the Saraswati Vandana was performed by the students and acted as the backdrop for the ceremony.

 The Chairman of Deepalaya, Mr. Mathew then took the opportunity to formally welcome everyone to the event and the programme began after Mr. A.J. Philip delivered the presidential address. The first act of the day depicted the plight of the girl child in ourSenior students put up a performance based on Nelson Mandela's life country though a heart wrenching performance by the girls on the song “oh ri chiraiya”.

Following the act, the chief guest in his speech praised the exceptional work that Deepalaya had done in the field of child welfare. He spoke about how everyone, irrespective of nationality or economic upbringing, must strive to accomplish Nelson Mandela’s motive of a non-partial world. Mr. Qazi’s speech was immediately followed by the children of Deepalaya spreading Nelson Mandela’s message.

Deepalaya’s choral group, consisting of almost two Students of Deepalaya preaching love and harmonyhundred students from various Deepalaya branches sang “by the rivers of Babylon”, “I have a dream”, “God still loves the world” and “We are the world”. The variety of choir songs were strung together beautifully by little anecdotes from Nelson Mandela’s life and his struggle against apartheid. The girls and boys looked like little angels in their white gowns and delivered a simply divine a performance.

The event came to an end with a vote of thanks to everyone who had made the occasion a success. The hard work put in by the teachers was acknowledged by presenting them with shawls.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya