Deepalaya and Oriflame, igniting the minds of the underprivileged.

For us at Deepalaya, November has always been the month of rebirth and new beginnings. It’s the monthOriflame MD works with underprivileged children when partnerships are forged and existing relationships are strengthened. This year was no exception. Oriflame and Deepalaya joined hands in 2006 to combine their resources and grassroot-level knowledge to bring the light of education to the lives of underprivleged girls in Delhi and NCR. Today, six years later, what started as a fledgling bond, has blossomed into something magical with more than two hundred girls having been mainstreamed into formal schools.

27th November marks the anniversary of the partnership between Deepalaya and Oriflame, and to honour this event, the teachers and students of Deepalaya School Sanjay Colony (DSSC) and Ramditti J.R. Narang Deepalaya School (RJRND) organised a spectacular event with the Managing Director of Oriflame India, Mr. Niklas Frisk and his family as the chief guests.

The day began with a traditional Indian welcome in the form of a tilak ceremony from the students of Deepalaya, post the ceremony; the chief guests were introduced to Mr. Sakhi John (Board member), Ms. Sponsorship program by underprivileged children of DelhiGitanjali Krishnan (principal of RJRND) and Ms. Shikha Pal (Principal DSSC) and to the various teachers of the two schools. Mr. Frisk and his family were then given a complete tour of the campus along with an overview of the Vocational Training programme, Educomp system and FADA. The sheer joy and excitement on the faces of both the children and sponsors was evidence enough that this was no mere company directed CSR activity, but a social responsibility mission straight from the soul.

With the tour over, the visiting delegation were treated to a mesmerising performance by the students. The opening act of the afternoon was performed by the much acclaimed Deepalaya choir whose melodious songs left the listeners spell-bound. Just when it seemed that nothing could come close to the first performance, the bar was raised even higher by the students of Ramditti and Sanjay Colony as they lit the stage on fire with their dance moves. Whether it was the age-old story of Krishna and Radha or the daring dance on skates, the two performances had the audience at the edge of their seats.Students of Deepalaya perform at a sponsorship event

As the performances came to an end, Komal and Rishali, alumni of Deepalaya and beneficiaries of Oriflame’s sponsorship, took stage and told Mr. Frisk about their achievements and how because of Oriflame’s contribution, they were able to finish their education and become truly self reliant. Their speeches were followed by Mr. Frisk and his family expressing their delight and presenting Deepalaya a cheque of Rs. 10,20,000 on the behalf of Oriflame.

Ofcourse, no event is ever over without a gift distribution ceremony and the kids gathered around the stage to receive their prizes without delay. Drawing pads and stationery was handed out and as the Frisk family took their leave, they were sent off with energetic cries of Hip Hip Hoorays.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya