The Deepalaya Band!

The long lost longstanding tradition of India silently strengthened itself at Deepalaya when even the top notch schools lack a proper School Band; Deepalaya School Gusbethi has a full-fledged band playing meritoriously.The Deepalaya Band-1 Ever since it came in the existence in 2009-10, the band has been playing at various Deepalaya function and at National Festivities organized by the local authorities at Tavru District, Haryana. We are grateful to the AMEX who through the Serving 2 Gether Grant provided the Band uniform. At a recent gathering senior Vice President from the AMEX Global Reporting Desk at Stanford USA visited Deepalaya School Gusbethi on 16th of March and handed over the cheque .Our AMEX friends also organized an enthralling magic show for the children on the day.

The Deepalaya Band-2

The Deepalaya Band-3



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya