Deepalaya -- An insatiable passion, a lifelong obsession!!

Deepalaya is an obsession, a passion which continues to have its hold on the minds of several people who Personality Development Workshop organized by UDGS Foundation in Gusbethi, Haryana.were associated with the organisation in some way or the other. This is true to our students, volunteers, interns and even employees who leave Deepalaya for one reason or the other. While we deeply feel the void created by the conspiquous absence of their physical presence, their mind, their thoughts revolve around Deepalaya.

This is how we felt when Padma Gopalan an ex-employee, who in collaboration with UDGS foundation, came back to us for organising a free personality development workshop for children residing at our Children's home at Gusbethi.

The session started with a small introduction to assess the willingness of children to come forward and express themselves.A free personality development workshop for children in Childrens Home in Gusbethi. It was an emotional turmoil for some who recited their tale of struggle and what they faced in their life. The speakers then solicited views from children on various social evils and matters of general interest like what it means to be successful, how they assess success and how to win.

Everyone was then asked to recall one path changing day of their lives. Some came up with a story of helping a needy while some others recited how Deepalaya changed their lives. The children were able to express themselves in a brilliant Children telling their tale of struggle and how Deepalaya helped them.manner while recalling and sharing a moment from their life.

Soon, the children developed a liking for the speakers and the conversation went on for hours together. After the ice-breaking session, the children were then segregated in different groups with a group captain each comprising about 6-7 children. A girl receiving gift from speaker of the workshopBesides, the group captain was the youngest of the group instead of the oldest. To assess the IQ level, every group captain was asked to name the group members and its captain.

Again randomly chosen Participants were invited and asked about other groups. During the entire process, some of them were also asked to perform anything they would were fond of doing. The session took an amazing turn when everyone came up with mind blowing performances. Some of them put up a dance performance and sang some songs.

This was followed by other activities aimed at assessing their capabilities and creativity. In the end it was a great learning experience for both the audience and the speakers with IMRAN, SONI, HEENA, KAJAL and BRIJESH securing the top five positions, who were honoured with small gifts.




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya