Deepalayans save the Environment, one skit at a time.

For most people, 5th June is just another weekday – A day of braving the Delhi heat and trudging through traffic Students of Deepalaya School Gole Kuan put up a skit at Select City Walk (Saket) that highlights the affect of pollution on our environmentto reach the office. But for some, the ones who truly care about the world that they live in, 5th June is also the World Environment Day. This World Environment Day in particular proved to be an unexpected and extraordinary treat for the shoppers in Delhi’s famous Select City Mall, Saket.

Organised by Select City Walk and Le Passage, the event gave young students from Deepalaya School Gole Kuan a platform to spread their message of caring for the environment. Gole Kuan is a slum in Delhi that houses hundreds of families who toil in the nearby Okhla Industrial Area. Treated to all kinds of industrial pollution day in and day out, these children were uniquely placed to spread the message about living a clean and green life.

Teachers from Deepalaya schools put up a stall and sold the handicrafts that were made by the underprivileged children during their summer classesTwenty five children from DSGC performed a skit for the audience. The presentation highlighted the effects of air, water, land and sound pollution and also covered the need for saving trees. Little Priyanka, the star of the school, played the role of the narrator and confessed to enjoying each and every moment. The audience too did not shy away from showing their appreciation. Dozens of shoppers came up to the teachers and expressed their amazement. Even more took their phones out and captured the entire skit on their mobile phones.

As the skit came to an end, the little Deepalayans once again surprised the gathered audience by breaking into a foot tapping dance performance. Students from A dance performance by the students of Deepalaya School Sanjay Colony that depicts the need to be one with natureDeepalaya School Sanjay Colony took the center-stage and danced on a Bengali song, their performance demonstrating the need to be one with nature.

Requests of encore began pouring in as soon as the children wrapped up for the day, but unfortunately, due to mall regulations and the late hour, the cries of ‘once more’ had to go unanswered. While the students performed to their heart’s content, the teachers of Deepalaya also busied themselves by setting up a stall and selling the handicrafts that the children had made during their summer hobby classes.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya