A delightful visit…

Employees of Accenture Services Pvt Limited spent memorable moments with the students of Deepalaya Institutional Care, Gusbethi. A team of 8 people visited the unit to spend some time with the children and involved them in various fun filled activities.

On the sunny afternoon 110 children of the Institutional Care took part in a drawing competition and showcased their drawing skills. The best three paintings among the lot were also awarded with special prizes by the team. The first, second and third prizes were won by Shubham Dhiriyal, Javed, Shubham.

“I am very happy that they liked my painting and gave me the first prize. I will wear this watch everyday to school”, said Shubham Dhiriyal.

“I was amazed to see the beautiful paintings and performances of these children. They are so talented and full of life. I enjoyed to the fullest and hope to come again soon,” said Harsh Mathur, an employee of the Accenture.

The guests also encouraged the students to study hard as, “the education would be their souvenir throughout life’. The day came to an end with the team presenting school dresses to 65 boys and the students giving hand made cards as a token of their love.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya