Diwali mela at Sanjay Colony allows our students to act their age

Deepalaya students in Okhla, Delhi welcome executives from TUI to the Diwali melaIt’s no secret that in a country such as India, being poor is almost a crime. You have to struggle every day to maintain a roof over your head and a good day is when your family goes to sleep with a full belly. In such an environment, childhood is a luxury that is seldom afforded and children tend to mature faster.

The Deepalaya School in Sanjay Colony aims to provide quality education to the slum children in an effort to salvage not only their childhood, but also give them a chance at a brighter future.

Students organized a cultural performance including music, dance and dandia for the visitorsThis October, we took one step closer to our goal when, with the help of TUI, we organized a Diwali mela for our students. The day began with 46 executives from TUI making their way to our school in Sanjay Colony, Delhi. They were greeted warmly by the children and staff of Deepalaya. The students of Deepalaya even put up a mesmerizing performance for the visitors, this included music, dance and even dandia.

With the opening ceremony over, the members of TUI surprised everyone by putting up several game stalls for the children, who were so excited by the gesture, that they could barely hold themselves back from overcrowding each stall. Every student, regardless of age, took part in the mela and tried their hand at winning prizes. Snigdha, the star of Deepalaya’s cultural programme, won a grand total of 7 prizes.

46 employees from TUI set up game stalls for the slum children studying at Deepalayaunderprivileged boys and girls enjoy a Diwali mela by playing games and gorging on tasty treats.None were left disappointed however, as TUI gifted every child with food boxes and a piggy-bank, the second, solely to introduce them to the habit of saving money – A persistent problem among the underprivileged.

The entire day proved to be an infinitely entertaining affair for the children who were successfully able to forget their daily struggle and just have fun.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya