To Gizmo, with Love

Remember the good old childhood days, when we used to sit in front of our TV sets, watching Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Tom and Jerry, the ever enthusiastic Balu and the bubbly little mermaid. Sundays used to be Students of Deepalaya learning center enjoying Gizmo a robot in their classfull of fun and frolic. Even today, when we see our kids watching cartoons, a trip down memory lane, gives the necessary soothing effect from our hectic life. How our parents used to run after us to get our home work done and how we tried every excuse to avoid the books! There was no limit to imagination. I remember how I wished I had a Robot who would dance to my tunes! 

Robots were not a common feature even in science exhibitions those days. And I still remember how I envied a friend who had visited a museum where a Robot was show cased. Days may have changed but imaginations and wishes remain the same.

This November, students of Deepalaya Learning Center, Sanjay Colony and children from the Special unitDifferently abled children were exciting to get a photo with Gizmo had a tete-a-tete with Gizmo, a robot who could recite stories, who could talk and advise them. And much to their surprise it was a huge human-size animated creature! The visit was planned by CBN at two schools of Deepalaya to launch its animated television series “Super Book”.

Unlike other animated TV series, “Super Book” aims to teach timeless moral truths and lessons from life. The series is based on biblical teachings and revolve around two children and their robot friend Gizmo. Students watched and enjoyed one of the greatest stories ever told to them – the story of David and Goliath in one of the episodes, “A Giant adventure”. Created by Emmy award winning team of animators, who have also worked on Disney projects, the animated series had a lasting Students of sanjay colony shaking and clapping hands with Gizmo the robotimpact on the children, who were found discussing the story even next day.

Later on, the children interacted with Gizmo – the robot. The little ones were spell bound to see it moving in the midst and clapped and shook hands with it. Little Adarsh studying in LKG was a bit scared and refused to shake hands.

Overall, it was a day of learning through entertainment, interaction and fun. The students from the special unit, coloured the cartoon character and assembled together for a photo shoot with Gizmo. The day ended and Children had to bid goodbye to Gizmo but would stay in their hearts for long. As for them, it was a rare treat.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya