God’s Favorite Child!

-(In Dubai's Burj Khalifa- Tallest Building in the World) “Deepalaya is one such organization that guides the needy from darkness to light,” said the 24 year old Pradeep Kumar who felt like god’s favorite child after his trip all the way to Dubai last week. This was the first time in fourteen years that he was meeting his sponsor parent.
With the glint in his eyes, Pradeep described his trip sponsored by his sponsor parent without a break.

-(Pradeep with his Sponsor parent in Dubai) He was fascinated by the tall buildings, cleanliness and beauty of the place, but the thing that touched him to the core was the art and creativity that he witnessed in Dubai. “It was a city of Dreams and I have come back with a lot of new ideas which
I will experiment here in India,” said the future graphic designer who is pursuing a course in Animation from Picasso Animation College supported by Deepalaya.
- (During his Schooling at Deepalaya) Life was not that easy and fun-filled for him as it seems. With a family of six which didn’t have money to let the children learn even the basic rhymes forget about the laws of Newton; Pradeep, once a shy guy started opening up at an early age when he started distributing newspapers in the 9th standard to join hands with his father who was the single earning member.
The family’s heart beat almost stopped when his father met with an accident and till date is struggling to walk. But this incident did not let him break his dreams. He said, “I just want to concentrate on my art and I know fame and money will follow. But yes, with my father bed-ridden I would be doing a part- time job and as soon as my animation course completes, I would go ahead with my dreams.” The organization continued to support him even after his schooling got over at Deepalaya.

He had been a topper thrice during his schooling at Deepalaya School, Sanjay Colony and was awarded the Best Player in Sports too. Sketching and painting were one his latent talents which were explored by Deepalaya and he is thankful to the organization for doing that. “One day I will too sponsor a child from Deepalaya because this organization works hard to help the underprivileged,” said the emotional yet confident Pradeep.

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