Girl Child Training Deepalaya Mewat“Some girls think Menstruation is a disease they are suffering from and that it has no cure.” says Saroj, a trainer with the Unicharm ( Japan) sponsored Menarche Education Program at Deepalaya. The Project being implemented in the rural areas of Mewat Gurgaon and Rewari in Haryana aims to educate young adolescent girls in the age group of 11-14 years on menstrual hygiene. 10,000 young girls are being addressed over a period of five months, ending in April 2013.


The implementation began in December 2012, with the Training of a 100 Trainers, who basically consist of older and educated women in the different villages; many of whom are members of Deepalaya SHG’s. These trainers have now set forth, addressing groups of 3644 young adolescents, educating them about the physiological and psychological aspects of Menstruation. Colorful booklets with self explanatory pictures are also handed over to these girls during the classes

Girl Child Training Deepalaya MewatAccording to Sarita, a trainer, there is absolutely no one to tell the girls why menarche and how it is to be managed.” During the training sessions which last over 3 hours, the girls are given important lesson on health and hygiene and the significance of the reproductive cycle in a woman’s life. The training according to Sarita  has also educated her and her peers on how to address these issues within their own family circle

“Initially shy to  open up, the girls and even their mothers are now sharing the problems faced and are seeking solutions to them,” says Rajbala another Trainer. However it will take more time to break through the traditional mindsets and get the girls to accept Menarche as a normal and IMPORTANT part of their life.

Girl Child Training Deepalaya MewatTill date a population of over 3644 young girls has been addressed. No doubt that the knowledge will multiply manifold and the girls share the learnings with their peers. The net outcome will be an aware and trained population of women and girls  who will be encouraged to address their health needs  and become rich as HEALTH IS INDEED WEALTH.






Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya