From the heart of our sponsor parents

Most of us loved to participate in a fete during our childhood days – the charm of having new clothes, eating each and everything that is available at different stalls, pressing our parents to buy the toy of our choice,Girls from FADA unit patiently waiting for the program to start. enjoying the games and different sports. FADA project revived the dying concept of having a combined sports cum fete day on 25th November 2015. Around 210 girl children participated in the event. Major part of the expenses to organise the fete was sponsored by the social(sponsored) parents of the children. The platform also acted as a medium of interaction between the sponsored child and the parent. Mr. KL Malhotra, Mr. Charu Gupta from Amway India, as well as Mr. Yogesh and Mrs. Shalu Gupta were present on the occasion.Girls participatin in Race on FADA Fete  The students, teachers and Ms. Shikha Pal gave a warm welcome to the honorable guests. Thereafter, different sports activities viz-a-viz race, Lemon race, 3-Leg race, sack race etc were conducted.

In order to hone the cooking skills, the girls got a chance to cook momos, which were served on the food stalls. The food stalls were organised to rejuvenate the girls with energy as they get exhausted during the sports activities. Towards the end, Ms. Shikha Pal distributed prizes to the winners. The social parents Girls making momos for selling at their stalls.expressed their appreciation of children by distributing sports material. Mr. Charu Gupta contributed Rs. 3000/- for meeting the expenses and Mrs. Shalu Gupta gave stationery for the children.

The event was the outcome of collaborative efforts of the social parents, who wanted the children to enjoy and the staff of different projects, including the Vocational training unit to work as a collective.  It was a win-win situation for both the donors and the children.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya