Independence Day – The students of Deepalaya celebrate 15th August.

Students of Deepalaya School Sanjay Colony put together a dance performance on Independence Day15th August is a day that every Indian celebrates with great pride and aplomb. To most, it’s a reminder of the struggle that our ancestors went through to secure independence after two centuries of foreign rule. To us, apart from instilling patriotism within our hearts, this day also gives us hope that one day the millions of women, children and youth who continue to be slaves of illiteracy and poverty will one day find their independence.

This Independence Day, the students of Deepalaya School Gole Kuan and Sanjay Colony celebrated the Independence Day by singing songs, putting up dance performances and hoisting the national flag.The underprivileged girls of the FADA programme with their hand-made Indian flags

At Gole Kuan, the students began preparing for the big day a week in advance. On 14th August, children from LKG, UKG and all the tuition children (both shifts) drew pictures on ‘Independence Day’ and prepared tri-colored flags with great interest. Refreshments were also distributed. This was followed by a cultural activity that was anchored by the senior students. The student began by reciting a poem on freedom; this was followed by several songs, speeches and poems based on great leaders. The programme was concluded with the ‘National Anthem’.

At Sanjay Colony, the event was celebrated by the Students of Deepalaya wave the Indian flag on 15th August during the Independence Day celebrationchildren and a team of executives from BSES. All the projects at Sanjay Colony took part in the activities and a total of 425 students were in attendance. The kindergarten students recited rhymes with a lot of enthusiasm and happiness. The bright smile on their faces captivated all. The students of the school presented a dance on the song Vande mataram by A R Rehman and paid their tribute to the motherland. This was followed by a captivating performance on the song ‘Sare Jaha se achha’, which filled every listener’s heart with patriotism. The students from the FADA unit presented a vigorous dance on the number ‘jaiho’ which received a lot of applause.  The program culminated with a speech by Ms Pooja from the BSESStudents of Deepalaya School Gole Kuan, Delhi on the day before 15th August, as they make their flags team followed by the national song and the National Anthem.

“Deepalaya is doing a great job. I knew Deepalaya right from the time when Mrs. Grace Thomas was the Principal of the school when it started in a rented building. “Pooja (BSES)

The events held at both our schools go a long way to show that while the children at Deepalaya have lived hard lives and come from underprivileged families, this doesn’t mean that their love for their country is any less.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya