Innovation - for the people, by our students

Innovation is the buzz word these days! But why is it usually linked to adults and youth. Can’t young budding Ashu Chandra a student of Deepalaya School Kalkaji is showing his ideas during the innovation workshop organised by Srishtistudents be part of this innovation spree? Yes, why not.

This March, Deepalaya sent 8 children to 2 days’ innovation workshop organized in Rashtrapati Bhawan by SRISHTI, a NGO based at Ahmedabad. Four students each were shortlisted from two different projects for the workshop -- Education on Wheels and Deepalaya School, Kalkaji Extension (DSKE).


The aim was to seek solutions from young budding minds for day-to-day problems faced by society. Students were given an Anurag Singh showing his ideas in a 2 day workshop at Rashtrapati Bhawan, by SRISHTI, a NGO based at Ahmedabad.opportunity to interact with others children from different backgrounds and schools. Later on, they were segregated into groups and asked to visit slums in the city and interact with people, listen to them, their problems and suggest a solution. Thereafter, they were asked to present their ideas in the form of a sketch.

The workshop produced excellent results. Our students from both locations suggested excellent solutions. For instance, Anurag Singh, class 8 student, from DSKE came up with an interesting idea toA student of Deepalaya School Kalkaji Extension is drawing his imagination in the workshop by Srishti. generate electricity through walking trousers and use of solar panels. Similarly, Tanu, a 12-year old student from EOW project suggested tying a broom with the cycle which will automatically clean the roads.

While Ashu Chandra, class 9 student from DSKE came up with an idea of Mobile sewing machine, Solar powered flood level indicator, Alarm against cars on zebra crossing when there is a stop signal.

Our students proved that Deepalaya has given them the much-needed wings to hone their skills and creativity.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya