LEE session on adolescence by TYPF

A facilitator from TYP Foundation taking LEE session on AdolescenceThe Young People Foundation (TYPF) is a youth-run and led organisation that supports and enables young people to create programmes and influence policies in the areas of gender, sexuality, health, education and governance.

TYPF conducted two sessions on adolescence with girls from FADA program. Around 60 girls from FADA participated in this session which was held on 20th and 30th January 2017.TYP Foundation and their volunteers conducting a LEE session on adolescence.

This session was given by T.Y.P.F members Mansa and Reena Khatoon. The first session was two hour long in which they gave their introduction to students and asked some questions related to students’ daily life. The session progressed with questions relating to human body. The girls were thereafter given a drawing activity. In this activity students were asked to write down five qualities they possess and draw what they want to see in themselves after five years on a paper sheet.

Volunteers from TYP Foundation taking a LEE Session on AdolescenceThe second session was conducted on 30th of January. In this session they distributed forms - Know Your Body Know Your Rights. The students were asked to fill that form. The form was targeted towards the problem children were facing in their adolescence and for better understanding of their bodies. The session is aimed to build enabling environments for children to develop life skills to challenge gender equality.




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