A lesson from the learners for better education

Students of B.A.El.Ed from Lady Shri Ram College visited Deepalaya Learning Centre Sanjay Colony.Lady Sri Ram College offers a four years’ teacher education programme called Bachelors in Elementary Education (B.El.Ed). The course curriculum under this programme entails the students to get practical exposure of various components that form part of entire education system. The students are required to have exposure to different aspects like what the course content should be, how to develop pedagogy and practice across a range of disciplines in their four years of coursework. At every step, the vision is to understand the needs of the learners and to prepare the would-be teachers to meet the challenges and needs of the present classrooms and also to find solutions to complex problems that the current education system face.

In this context, 44 students from Lady Sri Ram College studying in second year of B.El.Ed visited Deepalaya Students of Deepalaya Learning Centre learning new things from girls from Lady Shri Ram College.learning center, Sanjay Colony on 3rd of October for a practicum called ‘Observing Children- A day in the life of a child’. In the practicum, an attempt was made to explore and analyse the behavioral and other aspects of children studying in various settings with a motive to develop a comprehensive picture of childhood. As part of the program the students were required to interview school-going children from government schools, private schools and from slums. The students visited Deepalaya with an aim of interacting with the students from slums.

Ms. Shikha gave brief introduction about Deepalaya and its work. Following which they were assigned a child each in the age group of 7 to 12. The students spent about 40 minutes with each child, understanding them, Girls form LSR College reading books with kids in Deepalaya Community Librarytheir needs, their background etc. They built a good rapport with the children during their interaction.

The team was happy with the visit. The students were amazed to see how happy and aware the children were. This is what Ms. Bhavana (Professor) wrote in the visitor’s book “An experience beyond explanation in words, the innovative projects are one of their own kind. Thank you for inspiring us.”

We gave a few copies of quarterly Newsletters to the visitors. They were so moved with the way children from slums are being taught that they promised to find a few sponsorships for the children.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya