The life beyond slums…

“Only he that has traveled the road, knows where the holes are deep” There's always something magical about traveling, it's as if the world opens up to you. Life has not been the same for the Super Six (Sonu, Chandni, Chandan, Indira Nair, Ambika and Divya) of Deepalaya since the time they traveled to the United States in the month of June this year. (See Picture). They were amongst the 51 odd students from across the country who got an opportunity to go abroad for further studies. Visit to know more about them. After three long months at their stay in the foreign land, two of them share their experience with Deepalaya. Without further ado read on to find out. “My lifestyle at the United States of America is a complete contrast to the one I had in India. The teaching style here is also very different from my country and the people have taught me to live life to the fullest, no matter what it takes,” commented Sonu Singh who is pursuing Business Management & Administration in the US. He further added that “No question is a silly question, it will be silly, if you don’t ask any question” was what one of the teachers said to me on my first day to college and they practice what they preach. A thousand answers are given patiently and politely for the same question asked a thousand times. The teachers adopt different techniques while teaching like incorporating innovative games etc in order to make it a fun moment. Sonu (extreme left) with his friends in the US Like John Hope Franklin, one of the famous historians of the United States, Sonu believes that we must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey. Similar are the views of Indira Nair, who is presently pursuing “Health Profession including Nursing” from the US. She feels that this experience of being in a foreign land is an education itself as she is able to explore and meet people of different cultures, learn new languages, think of new horizons and moreover life beyond slums. She said that, “Though I miss my parents and country a lot, but I also realize that I am one of the fortunate students in the world to get this kind of opportunity and am trying my level best to make the most out of it. I would also mention that it is indeed because of Deepalaya that I am able to feel this way.”                                                              Indira (in the middle) with her friends in the US Keep checking this section for more on the alumnis and stories of Deepalaya students. Do send your feedback on By- Pooja Sikka, Officer- Communications



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