A rigourous application , A seperate test on fluency in English, and finally an interview with the American Embassy at Delhi .


Neha with Mr. MathewThis was the selection process Neha went through in order to achive her long cherished dream of studying in a foreign country. She was one of the Super Six Alumni  who was chosen for a year long  study in the US under the Community College Initiative Program 2010-11. Neha studied at the Community College at Salt Lake City, and her field of study was Health Science.


Neha is now back home-and has emerged as a strong , confident girl who dares to dream still more vast, and is confident of accomplishing them . Though her stay at Salt Lake City is over for now, her journey has only begun. She now will focus on completing her graduation in Physical Education which she bartered for the year spent at Salt Lake City. She then wants to do her masters and then eventually become a professor .


NehaIt was her dedication towards studies which kept Neha busy throughout her stay. She completed 42 credits even though only 32 credits are required . Her daily schedule revolved around her college, where evenings were spent working on assignments to be submitted the day after, and morning preparing for lectures through the day .


Neha's host family played a major role in helping her settle down.What came across as a striking difference was the Western culture-to which she took to like a fish to water. Her plans for a future includes a completing  her Masters  from the US: and then she would settle down with her family in India for... "East or West, India is the Best".


NehaHere is another success story to Deepalaya's cap . Deepalaya has always belived in empowering individuals to become self reliance- and now eagerly awaits the remaining five  and the impact life in the US has left on them.









Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya