Look what I’ve gained!

June 21, 2009: At a time when most school going children pack their bags and rush to nani’s, those from Deepalaya did a different show once again. Just like the NGO continues its philanthropic work throughout the year, its children too came up with an equally competent fervor of learning and doing, submitting their summer vacations for the better.
Some of the many good things The students dedicated the entire month of May learning a new skill, thanks to the exclusively designed Summer Camp on the campus. Music, Dance, Drama, Art and Craft, Yoga and Sports, Diya painting, and Recycled paper making were some of the activities that the children trained in. The end of the month was indeed, a proud display of all the new learnings that the students had gained through sincere hard work and undying dedication. Yes, we talk about the Talent Show organized at Deepalaya School, Kalkaji Extension on May 30, 2009. Not just that, the students were also encouraged to put up stalls to market their creations – paintings, greeting cards, pottery items, bands and bracelets, paper work and much more – for promoting that happy ‘feel good’ factor!
In my dancing shoes The Show held within the School’s auditorium had a huge audience which comprised of students, teachers and the parents. The students presented an array of performances in dance, drama and music, with many of them being the ‘first time ever’! Aptly, the first item was an act spreading awareness about TB. With twin characters in white and black representing Knowledge and Ignorance respectively, the act revolved around an anti-doctors family which is headed by an orthodox, illiterate grandma. Quintessentially, the act ended with illumination of her mind, thanks to an awful experience with a local baba, who failed to treat her TB-infected grandson. Later, the students talked about the cause, symptoms and cure of the disease through visual aids.
All’s well that ends well Secondary students presented a hilarious skit called Gopi Gawaiya, Bagha Bajaiya soon after. The way this ‘terrible singer- musician duo’ brought colors back into the life of a distant village was a certain show! Children from the primary wing presented a couple of group dance sequences. Another group helped everyone get their basics of Hindi alphabets right by wearing them on their hearts and presenting them through a sweetly composed quawali.
Our language on our hearts. The staging of the play The Missing Mail was perhaps the show stealer for the day. Middle and higher grade students captured every eye and ear with an amazing adaptation of the South India classic. Thanappa, the “everybody’s mailman”, touched the audience with the ease he carried himself. For many, who were clueless of the original story, it came as a pleasant surprise to learn how even the most common looking man can give you the happiest and most satisfying moment of your life. The act drew accolades for its conceptualization and execution.
Thank you Thanappa Of others, dandiya and Rajasthani dance sequences by middle students were very well received, both for the colorful presences that the children displayed, and the beautiful performances that they delivered! Prity Arti sang a couple of songs with guitar inputs by Band Ramditti’s lead guitarist Sameer. The Band also jammed to some exciting rock numbers. The Show also had it performing with some ace singers from the Kalkaji campus. “I’m performing live for the first time with the Band. It sounds exciting, and I plan to pick up the guitar soon”, said Rattan who had also made it to the Finals of Chaturth, a Rotary singing event recently.
And the Band played on.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya