Mainstreaming children into formal schools

One of the major outcome for non-formal education centres is to mainstream the children into government Girls children who are mainstreamed into govt. schoolschools. It is a kind of testimonial for the teachers as the students are assessed before they are enrolled in the schools. And if majority of the children, attending non-formal education, are given admission, it is certainly a moment to glorify the students and the teachers as well.

Throughout the year, the teachers work not only to teach the students basic education but also to bridge the gap between the skills they have and what they are expected to possess at the time of admission to government schools in their age-appropriate class. For instance, a 10-year child who had never attended any school will have to be taught the basic skills required for reading and writing and also what he is expected to learn if he were enrolled in class 5. It requires sheer hard work to first generate interest for such students in different Deepalaya Loesche Learning Centre has mainstreamed their beneficiaries in this school for their better future.subjects they will be taught in class 5. Clearly, it is not an easy task.

For Deepalaya Loesche India learning center at Noida, it was an uphill task as most of the girls whom the teachers taught came from a background, where they were suppressed by their parents. They were never given any opportunity to express their feelings. During the initial few months, the girls took their time to mix up with the teachers and their peers. In such circumstances, if the students get admission in schools after clearing the exam for admission, it is certainly an event to celebrate and appreciate the work done by our The girls from Deepalaya Loesche program with their teacher.teachers.

The teachers have been successful in mainstreaming 109 students till 15th March, 2016 out of which 26 students have been enrolled in Junior High School and 83 have been mainstreamed to Adarsh Primary School. Amongst these students, one girl was mainstreamed into Class 6 while instead of class 5. The school Principal was amazed by her in-depth knowledge on current affairs and clarity on concepts.




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