A Medical Boon!

A medical boon-1A long cherished dream of Deepalaya came true with the inauguration of Deepalaya Integrated Community Health Centre (ICHC), Gusbethi on 23 April 2011.


Years of Deepalaya’s involvement with the communities of Mewat village brought to us the silent sufferings of the local women due to gynecological problem who belonging to the rigid society had no voice of their own. The lack of proper platform left the womenfolk with no choice but to suffer in silence. Realizing the ordeal of the women Deepalaya has introduced ICHC to address issues relating to Mother and Child Health, Reproductive Health and eye ailments.


A vibrant program was organized on the occasion. Crowd flowed in huge numbers to be a part of this Program. Marking the occasion with the perfect start the students of Deepalaya School Gusbethi, presented the auspicious Saraswati Vandana during the lighting of lamp.


“The support of the community women is our power” remarked Rtn.  T. k. Mathew, addressing the multitude. Giving an insight to the project he spoke about the program which is a combined curative preventive initiative in collaboration with the St. Stephens hospital.


The occasion saw guests speaking on the occasion Ms. Netty Clarijs, who has been an integral support since the time of the project’s inception said that it is the beginning of the vast change that has to happen in the coming years .She promised of the continuing support from the Shanty foundation, Holland. Dignitaries representing St. Stephens’s hospital Dr. Amod and Dr. Joyce ensured their full support for Deepalaya’s endeavor.


A medical boon-2Many people who have been successfully cured of the various diseases through Deepalaya’s medical intervention also shared their stories on the day. Bhawani Singh who has been treated of Tuberculosis shared with the audience the change that Deepalaya has brought in his life.


The reproductive health of women and the infant mortality are some of the biggest issues concerning India said Mr. K.S. Rao, the Chief Medical Officer, pledged to the unit of his continuing support. he urged everyone  to visit these communities and  donate money for the cause. He appreciated St. Stephens’s association with Deepalaya and encouraged Deepalaya to keep up the good work. 


A medical boon-3The Rotary Club of South Metropolitan came forward with a support of Rs. One Lakh Twenty Thousand for the cause.


 Everyone present rejoiced the entertaining   Bhangra. A token of love from Deepalaya was given away to Ms. Netty Clarijs of Shanty Foundation, Holland, Ms. Danielle Brink of Children of Tomorrow and to all the partners who helped turning this dream into reality.


The sigh of relief was clearly seen on the faces of the local women as they finally have access to much reliable services and quality care and at affordable prices.


The Program ended with the community women singing and dancing on the local hymns bidding adieu to their miseries and silent sufferings as the belief “There is a silver lining in every dark cloud” was re- instated in them.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya