A meeting with the Prime Minister

Students of Deepalaya School Sanjay Colony during the PM’s Teacher’s Day speechOn 5th September, the underprivileged children studying at Deepalaya School Sanjay Colony and Deepalaya School Gole Kuan celebrated a Teacher’s Day unlike any other. This year, they spent it by watching the Prime Minister of India – Mr. Narendra Modi – address the millions of students studying in our nation.

The day began with 200 students in Sanjay Colony and 50 in Gole Kuan gathering in front of their projectors and computer, respectively. They sat transfixed as Mr. Modi began the proceedings with a brief speech and took keen interest in the question and answer session that followed.Underprivileged boys and girls had an enriching Teacher’s Day, thanks to Mr. NarendraModi

The students were especially curious to hear what the PM had to say about how education gives us values and teaches us to think for ourselves. The children readily answered his question ‘How many children get up to see the sunrise and sunset’. They also promised their teachers to go home and find the cost of the electricity bill, and find ways to reduce it.

Varsha of DSSC in particular enjoyed the story of a young NarendraModi playing pranks on his peers. Children from the slums of Delhi who study at Deepalaya watch the P.M. of India address the students on Teacher’s DayAnjali, on the other hand, loved the answer that the PM gave when asked for advice on how to become a Prime Minister. Mr. Modi encouraged the youth who’d asked the question to contest in the 2024 elections and playfully said to the audience that he didn’t have to worry till then.

When the teachers asked them what they felt about the day, the students readily answered by saying that this was the first time they were part of a discussion with the head of a country and that they enjoyed it very much.




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