A memorable day with INTEL team

INTEL employees visited Deepalaya Children's Home, Gusbethi, Haryana.McAfee has been conducting a few activities in Deepalaya Childrens’ home for the last four years. Every year, they bring some gifts for the children and have also contributed a water cooler last year for the home. This is how they celebrate their Global service day. The organization had also provided funds for SHG microfinance. However, the company was later on merged into Intel and the funding stopped due to change in the management.

This year, 20 employees from INTEL team visited DCH on 19th May, 2016 to celebrate their Community Day Event. Children were very excited and made special arrangements to receive them. They were received with musicalEmployees from INTEL are conducting an origami workshop for the inmates of Deepalaya Children's Home band and escorted to the DCH activity hall. The children led by Abul of class 11 welcomed the guests. Children sang a few songs and danced to the tunes of a song, which they had never heard of. The team enjoyed the dance performance. The students also presented a skit to entertain the guests.

The Intel team had also planned some activities. Ms. Richa Pandey sang a song – Dil ha chota sa, choti si asha with her mesmerizing voice. Children too started singing with her. Thereafter, Mr. Manish shared some information Children actively participating with the INTEL employees during the fun activities arranged for them.about INTEL and how it works and why have they arrived in DCH.

Then Mr. Rajeev taught children how to make flowers and bird through origami. It was fun-filled activity. Before leaving, they played tambola with children and prizes were to those who performed better.

Thereafter, everyone headed towards the hall, where a special lunch awaited them. The lunch was sponsored by Intel team. They donated Rs. 51510/- towards lunch, school shoes for 50 children and 12 ceiling fans for Deepalaya School, Gusbethi.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya