A never ending passage of love LPTI

LPTI brought visitors from Switzerland to Deepalaya Learning Centre at Sanjay ColonyA group of twenty tourists from Switzerland visited Sanjay Colony Centre on the 24th of  May 2017  to see how education is imparted to the underprivileged children. They were brought in by LPTI a travel group which sponsors the education of some children in Sanjay Colony Learning Centre.The group members  were given a formal welcome at the entrance by students and teachers with tikka , diya and flowers.

In the adult reading room of the library , they were seated and briefed about Deepalaya and the work it does. The various sectors of Deepalaya’s work was explained to them with special focus on the education sector. After a glass of cold drinks, they were taken around to see the classes and interact with the children.

A group of 24 people from Switzerland visited Deepalaya Learning Centre at Sanjay ColonySince it is the summer time, the regular academic time table is not being followed. They visited two classes where teaching was going on.They were happy to see the dance class and the art and craft class, where children were  learning the new steps and  how to make flowers by folding papers.

A display of the summer products was also made and some of the visitors bought hand-made things made by the children. Later they visited the Special unit segment and the vocational unit. The comprehensive development of a child that Deepalaya focuses on appealed to the group.

Summer products made by children were put up for display.The entire grioup was happy to see the work of Deepalaya. This is what they wrote in the visitor’s book- “We are very much impressed by what you are doing! God be ever with you! (CoTravel Group, , Mr. Tony Ruppen- Allschwil / Switzerland)

The group donated $200 to Deepalaya, and LPTI made a donation of Rs.2500/- . The teachers managed to sell Rs.2550/- and $50  worth of items  from  last year’s summer activity products.




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya