Nursing their community back to health

The delegates from Shinnyo En Japan and the girl students undergoing nursing trainingOver the past 35 years, we’ve helped countless underprivileged women, children and youngsters find a way to rise above their societal limitations. All of them are grateful, but it’s the few special ones that return to serve the community, that make our hearts swell with pride. This is the case with the Deepalaya students currently undergoing Nursing training, thanks to the sponsorship of Shinnyo En Japan.

Shinnyo En Japan is a Buddhist organization that, first and foremost, aims to help everyone nurture their Buddha nature. Every year, a portion of the donation raised by the Shinnyo En Temple Fund is given to Deepalaya to sponsor the nursing training of two girls. These girls then return to their respective communities and not only help support their families, but also serve humanity be improving the healthcare in their locality.

This August, delegates from Sinnyo En Japan visiting Deepalaya School Sanjay Colony to meet the two nursingGirl students from Deepalaya who are undergoing nursing training in Delhi to help the underprivileged students. The emotional meeting had the girls sharing their experiences of the hospital and how the cater to and help the patients with various problems. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude to their sponsors for giving them the opportunity to live a dignified life where they can support their families while at the same time helping the needy.

Here’s what the students and the delegates had to say about the programme –

“I used to wash dishes in other’s houses before coming to Deepalaya to study. Being a nurse has made me independent. Now I am married and working in Santosh Hospital in Faridabad. I am a support to my husband and my in-laws. I love the work I do.” – Ruby (Studying nursing)

“This is my second visit to Deepalaya and it is a pleasure to talk to the girls, see the confidence in them and their willingness to serve man. Thank you Deepalaya for working with us and helping to put our donations to the best use” – Mr. Naoya Sugazawa (Doctrinal Affairs Section)



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya