The warm morning of 28th of January got warmer as the students of Deepalaya School Kalkaji Extension geared up for their Annual Sports Day. With lots of energy, excitement and enthusiasm all around, the aura was intoxicating. Adding  to the enthusiasm of students, Dr. Bimla Pawar, Director of Sports (Netball), Ms. Prachi Tehlan, Captain of the Indian Netball Team, Ms. Manisha, vice Captain of the Indian Netball team marked their presence on the occasion. The program started with the unfurling of flag by the chief guests. The bright future of India was apparent, as all the four houses matched their footsteps for the March Past. While marching, the determination and discipline displayed by the students was commendable, they seemed to be the great soldiers in the guise of students. The inaugural race run by the Chief Guests boosted everyone .Students presented graceful classical dance in the honour of the guests. Various races such as relay races, flat races and long jump was organized wherein, both the senior and junior students students actively participated.  The heightened sense of exuberance in students to perform was satiating for the coach. The students were a stiff competition to each other simultaneously displaying the good values of sportsmanship as the famous saying goes “sports do not build character, they reveal it”. In order to keep up the morale of the students, the winners were facilitated with various medals such as Gold, Silver and Bronze. The meritorious Mother Teresa house took away the enticing trophy.“Games inculcate discipline and are very important for the overall development” said Ms. Anita Sawhney, Principal while sharing the excitement of students and teachers at the occasion. An Astounded Prachi Tehlan, Captain, Indian Netball team also shared her experiences with the students. The announcement of netball team for boys gladdened hearts of everyone. It was a delight to see the pivot players in making!




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya