Prevention is better than cure!

The saying goes that “Prevention is better than Cure” and speaks volumes on how it is better to prevent ourselves from falling ill rather than suffering from a disease and then seeking a cure for it.In this context, Deepalaya’s Corporate partner Amway Opportunity Foundation (AOF) organized a two day Eye screening Camp last week at Ramditti J .R. Narang Deepalaya School and Deepalaya School, Gole Kuan). The camp was inaugurated by Mr. Ajith Kumar Jain, IRS, Additional Commissioner – Income Tax). The camp saw a turn out of around 975 beneficiaries which included parents too. The screening team comprised of a team of 10 doctors from the Mahavir International. The camp was an initiative to provide preventive eye care to the students from both schools. The teachers were trained on various steps to help identify vision related problems at the initial stages itself. Commenting on this noble initiative, Mr. William S Pinckney, Chairman – AOF said, “Eye is the most essential part of our body and to see this beautiful world one needs to have an effective vision. We are fortunate enough to be of some help for these needy children by providing them eye check-ups which is a modest step towards the betterment of their lives. Experienced doctors conducted the sessions on preventive eye care and provided the best of solutions to the children who were suffering from different problems. Deepalaya expresses its gratitude towards AOF for organizing the camp. Send feedback to By- Pooja Sikka, Officer- Communications



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya