A prize for priceless lessons learnt at Deepalaya

Learning is a continuous process and achievements testify the lessons that have been learnt. In view of this, two of our senior employees – Jaswant Kaur, Director CRM and Mr. John Varghese – participated in aMs. Jaswant, CRM Director Deepalaya with her idea at leadership workshop of American Express. week-long leadership academy organised by the American Express. The main objective of the academy was to develop a second line of leadership amongst the NGOs. 25 leaders from 14 NGOs from different corners of the country participated in the academy.

It was a platform for not only providing new skills but also test the existing leadership qualities. In one of the activities, all the participants from different NGOs were asked to form a new organisation and present their cause before a panel of corporates for raising funds under CSR. Mr. Minaz Hassan, CFO, Continental tyres India Limited was one of the panelists. The participants were divided into 4 organisations having equal participation from each NGO.

While the organisation pitched in with their proposals, the panelists were entrusted with the responsibility of concept-prepared-in-group-activity-of-the-american-express-leadership-workshop.jpgasking questions reviewing the proposals, as it happens in the real world. They were also asked to judge on the capabilities of participants, sustainability of the proposal and announce the winner of the contest.

Ms. Jaswant Kaur alongwith 5 other members formed an organisation with the name  “Swachh Greh” and presented a proposal for construction of toilets in slums with the help of women entrepreneurs and contractors. The proposal was accepted and adjudged as THE BEST by the judges without any modification and won the first prize. “Certainly, the lessons that came my way during on-the-job training helped me a lot in clinching the trophy,” says Jaswant Kaur. She also acknowledged the guidance given by CEO T.K. Mathew, Deepalaya for formulating proposals to funding sources.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya