The projects of Deepalaya come together to usher in a new season of change.

On 16th July 2013, Deepalaya completed 34 years of providing quality education to underprivileged children. The seed that was planted by the seven founding members has grown and blossomed into an organisation that encompasses thousands of children and numerous over-seas partners. To celebrate this milestone, the various branches of Deepalaya organised activities and events with the aim of imparting onto the staff and students what it means to be a part of an ever-expanding legacy.

Deepalaya Day, 16th July 2013

At the Deepalaya Human Resource Center in Janakpuri, the staff members were addressed by Mr. A.J.Philip (President, Deepalaya), who talked about Deepalaya’s journey and shared some interesting and thought provoking anecdotes. Post the speech, pieces of paper were distributed and all the staff members brought out their inner artists and writers as they wished Deepalaya a Happy Birthday. The messages were collected and put up on a chart paper.

All schools began the day by reciting the Deepalaya mission song during the morning assembly. This was followed by members of the staff talking about Deepalaya’s journey and their experiences with the organisation. Ribbons in Deepalaya colours were distributed among the staff and students, who promptly pinned them up to their uniforms. The Eco-club societies of the various schools also planted saplings in their respective campuses.

The students at Kalkaji Extension made a presentation and recited self-composed poems to Mr. A.J. Philip, Mrs. Philip, Mr. Sakhi John (Manager) and Mrs. Anita Sawhney (Principal, Kalkaji Extension). At Gole Kuan, the students were involved in two activities – all children dipped their hand in paint and left impressions on a chart paper. They also took wrote their views about Deepalaya which were arranged on a big chart.

The children and staff of Deepalaya School Sanjay colony celebrated Deepalaya Day by proudly displaying the Deepalaya logo on their uniforms and by reciting poems. Group photos of the children were clicked to symbolizing oneness and solidarity in Deepalaya’s endeavors. The students from Special Unit made beautiful drawings to commemorate the event. At Ramditti School, the children prepared a special song for Deepalaya and sang it during the morning assembly.

It was heartening to see that despite being spread across vast distances, each branch of Deepalaya celebrated 16th July with all the pomp and vigour that the occasion deserved. At Deepalaya we hope to continue to build upon the foundation that we have already laid and make the future generations of India truly independent and self-reliant.

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Today we celebrated our 34th birthday by getting together with all the Deepalaya family members and sharing anecdotes and stories of ages past.
Here’s what some of our new and old members had to say –
“Deepalaya is a place where I learned what being human really means, the experience i got is mesmerizing and wish Deepalaya the best in all its endevaours” – Falak
“Education is the right of every person and Deepalaya is doing a wonderful job.” - Arjun



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya