Rinku – Nursing her dreams

In an area like Mewat, where illiteracy, superstitions and myths dominate the mind of people, it is very difficult to find a woman, who aspires to be different from the crowd, goes against family tradition and marches out Rinku a benificiary of Deepalaya's Merit Cum Means Loan Scholarshipconfidently ahead of men. Rinku is one such women who has defied her family tradition and has fulfilled her dream of being a nurse. Though without Deepalaya’s support, it would have been very difficult.

Coming from a poor family in Bawal, Rinku was studious from the very beginning. With 4 girls and 2 boys, her father, a farmer, found it very difficult to manage the family affairs. Out of her siblings, she was the second eldest and her parents married her off when she was not even 14 like her elder sister. As the village tradition allowed, her parents did not send her to her husband’s house as she was very young.

All these years, Rinku had started dreaming and perceived different plans for her life. She aspired to be a nurse since childhood. Somehow she completed her senior secondary and was one of the first to have done it in her family. After 12th, when she proposed to pursue Nursing, her father resisted as they did not have the kind of funds required for the course.

It was almost impossible for her to fight against her father’s decision. However, as destiny would have it, one of our employees from SHG team visited her house. Rinku’s mother was one of the members of a Self-help group in Bawal. When she discussed about her problems in the SHG meeting, our program coordinator informed her about Deeplaya Merit-cum-Means Loan Scholarship programme where she can get entire amount required for the course. As it would be a loan, it will have to be repaid once she gets a job after completion of her course.

When Rinku’s mother told her about MCMLS, she was thrilled and completed all formalities quickly. Deepalaya gave her a loan-cum-scholarship of Rs. 45600/- “It was one of the best days of my life, when I finally joined Doctor Shanti Yadav School of Nursing, Rewari for pursuing Diploma course in General nursing,” says Rinku, “recollecting old memories”.

As she completed her course, she moved to her husband’s house. Her husband, a farmer by occupation and her in-laws were very happy to have an educated daughter in law in their family. Within a few months after her marriage, Rinku got a job as staff-nurse in West Academy School, Pataudi. She is getting Rs. 9000/- a month and is able to support her family.



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