Sanjay Colony Library Opens Its Doors To Community

Girls with their books that they got issued from Deepalaya Community LibraryBarely a year ago, when the library at Deepalaya Learning Center, Sanjay Colony was inaugurated, it was meant only for students enrolled at the center. For a year 450 pre-primary students, tuition class students of all ages, children enrolled in Father and Daughter Alliance and the young adults in the Computer classes have been borrowing books and enjoying the library's read aloud program.

But all along the Deepalaya leadership and staff knew we wanted to open the door even wider, to practice what we preach, to transform our private library into a community library that would be free and open to all.

People from Community enrolling themselves for Deepalaya Community Library.

On Saturday Nov 5 2016 we opened the door of the library to the Sanjay Colony community.

A door to door campaign in the previous weeks allowed us to spread the word about the library. Books were issued to dozens of children on the very first day.

Sixteen children sat with volunteer Elsa Mathews to hear a story. But as we started, power played havoc. To make the session interesting and revisit the childhood days, the kids sangthe song  Ek Chidiya, Anek Chiriya in the dark. It came back midway through the story time and cheered everyone as pictures could now be seen. The newly created Student Council -- a group of readers entrusted with managing the library --  volunteered side by side with Pushpa Khurana, the librarian to explain how to fill the library membership form and new admission process to newcomers.

Kids who came for library session getting refreshments.It will take a lot of efforts to spread out the message to the community to fulfill our promise of giving then a community library. We know opening the door will not be enough for people to enter. There were only a few newcomers on this first day.

Volunteers, Student Council members and the librarian are planning more outreach activities so that our message of 'All are Welcome' can become a reality. We are expecting a good crowd in the coming few weeks.



Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya